Who am I?

My name is Teck Hoo and I am a husband, father, photographer, Christian, and my day job is a software engineer.
I am a Chinese Malaysian who grew up in Adelaide (South Australia, Australia) so pretty much and ABC.

What is this site about?

The purpose of this site is to add value to your life by sharing all that I have learnt throughout the years in online “spending”, and “spending” in general, to make the “Smartest Spending” choice, through making use of of facilities such as cashback, discounts, codes, gift vouchers, referrals, affiliate programs and promotions. ┬áThe “Smartest Spending” choice may not be even to spend!
I will also provide you with the education of how I believe is the best way of deciding how to spend your time and money, and how to “play the game” to best take advantage of cashback promotions.
This site will also contain posts on my online research, real world research and my decision making process to what I think is the best option in all life expenses, such as:

1) Home loans
2) Credit Cards
3) Superannuation
4) Health Insurance
5) Car Insurance
6) Life Insurance
7) Income Protection Insurance
8) Groceries
9) Fuel
10) Electricity provider
11) Gas provider
12) Internet provider
13) and anything else I can think of…

Though the concept of “Smart Spending” is the main aspect of this site, I will also share my thoughts, tips and recommendations of what I’ve come to learn since I begun my recent personal journey of self improvement at the beginning of 2016.
Topics will include Minimalism, Productivity, Healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, holistic wellbeing, Christianity, psychology, and mental health.
I believe all of these topics for me have added great value to my life to becoming the healthiest, most contented, and happiest I’ve ever been in my lifetime.

Why did I create this site?

I’ve always had a heart and passion to share my knowledge and help others, and this website is a way of doing that in a very real and practical way that gives a real world impact to people.
Another reason is see if I can generate a passive income through the use of referral programs and cashback programs that does not cost you anything and in some cases gives you money as the referee!
I’ll also be dabbling into offering personal “concierge services”, which again won’t cost you anything, while returning to you great value and cost savings.
And finally, I created this site for my family and friends. For my friends, so I can just direct them to this written source of “smart spending” knowledge for them to save money.
And for family, so I provide an passive income stream.