Sharemarket news

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in Finance, Research, Thoughts Tech bubble about to pop?   Original Post 6/2/18 It’s been a while since we have had a “correction” in the share market (“10% to 20” drop in the value of the sharemarket from peak). Though the Australian share market hasn’t risen as stupidly high as the U.S. share market, it was at […]

Xiaomi Mi 2 Power Bank

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Updated 12/3/18: $21.25 delivered for the Xiaomi Power Bank 2 10,000mah I was able to get my hands on the Xiaomi Power Banks recently and compared the 10,000mah to the 20,000mah power banks and found that the 20,000mah was significantly physically larger than the 10,000mah. So much larger to a point where I felt it was […]

“Whole food plant based diet” vs “Low carb diet high fat diet”… which is better for type 2 diabetics?

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The following is just some thoughts about a video watched with all the information I have consumed so far and my practical experience of trying to follow a ketogenic diet. And again, I’m not a medical professional. I came across this video in my suggested videos tonight from the same guy (Cyrus) that did a […]

“Engineering your Life” – The 80/20 rule – Minimal effort for most rewards

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As an Engineer, we are always constantly dealing with “tradeoffs”.  What is the most efficient way to meet customer requirements.  Here comes into play the 80/20 rule. “The 80/20 Rule means that in any situation, 20 percent of the inputs or activities are responsible for 80 percent of the outcomes or results. “ Where […]

Day 10 – “Healthy Habit” – Intermittent Fasting

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Day 10 of “Healthy Habits” and this post will bring to the end of my “Healthy Habits” posting.  The previous 9 posts were the everyday habits that I believed people could do “physically” to change their bodies in a more healthy state and lose weight (fat%). I was a bit on the edge of whether […]