Megan Ramos – Introducing Fasting and the IDM program

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Megan Ramos is the director of the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) Program which so co-runs with Jason Fung in Toronto, Canada. In this presentation she did at Ketofest in 2017 she goes through her story of health, obesity, and being the first patient of the IDM program, and the Fasting protocols and recommendations that the […]

Exercise – Don’t do it for weight loss

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The information in this video below corresponds to other information I’ve consumed recently about weight loss. That is, exercise won’t make a huge difference to you losing weight. In the audio book i’ve listened to, “The Obesity Code” by Jason Fung, that it only makes up a very small % of our total daily metabolic […]

Basal and Resting Metabolic Rate (BMR & RMR)

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I think this would be a good time to introduce the concept of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is pretty much Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which most people know as your Metabolic rate. It is also known/related to your Basal/Resting Metabolic Expenditure per day.  I’ll treat all the definitions interchangably as they are all basically […]

Intermittent Fasting, weight loss, type 2 diabetes and “The Obesity Code” – Jason Fung, MD

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I came across the youtube videos on my “suggested videos” that I might like based on my previous searches. Jason Fung, MD is a kidney disease specialist who treats a lot of overweight/obese diabetic patients. One of the treatments which has know to reverse type 2 diabetes is weight loss, and one of the ways […]