Cholesterol Particle Testing

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After seeing videos from Ken Sikaris about Cholesterol, I was Googling around to find where it is done in Australia and found the following:

“The Lipid Subfraction analysis is done out of the Sydney Adventist Hospital Pathology. All labs can forward the test onto them.
SAN Pathology
185 Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga NSW 2076″

From this post:

Cholesterol Testing

This post also refers to a Youtube video of Ken Sikaris as well.

Alternatively, there is this other site I found with a LOT of tests you can order (a lot would be covered by Medicare and “free” for us via your Doctor ordering them, so probably best to go that way than through this website).  This site has a “Lipoprotein Particle Check” which done the same thing for $149.



37:22 mark

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