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Day 5 and I have managed to set my alarm and get up at 6am after watching a movie at home last night and in bed by 11:15pm, though asleep probably after midnight.

Been a little while since I stayed up watching a movie in the living room. One thing I noticed that even though I only had dinner a couple hours earlier, I wanted to snack.

First it was Greek yoghurt, and the remaining strawberry pieces from the morning.  Then a Ferrero Roche. Then a frozen yoghurt ice cream.  Random snacking late at night.

That is one thing that going to bed early stops you from doing. Late night snacking.  I sort of justified it by the fact I ate lunch at 2:30pm so I had a 6 hour or so window of eating before going into my fasting stage again.  More on that in a later post.

One thing about getting up early, you are the first, and kids are usually the second.  It is quite cute when your young child walks to you with those sleepy eyes and just wants a long cuddle in the morning.  Doesn’t say a word, but you know she is enjoying the security and comfort.  She then ignores the gourmet omelette you make her made of baby spinach leaves, bacon bits, cheese, and parsley bits, and instead just goes for the plain fried egg. Go figure.

So today I want to write about diet.  These are just my thoughts and experiences, and I am learning and adjusting as I go along to try and optimise it for my body and my lifestyle.  Please see your trusted medical professional before attempting to drastically change your diet.

The most popular question I get when people who have known me for a few years is how I loss so much weight and kept it off.  My first response is healthy habits, and lifestyle changes, but then go to what I am eating.

Let me first say, it doesn’t matter whatever kitchen gadget you buy.  If you don’t use it, it is useless. If you don’t use it regularly, it is less useful.  If you put unhealthy ingredients into it, it is not beneficial for your health.

The original Nutribullet is the kitchen gadget I have used on a pretty consistent basis since the beginning of 2016 where I made a decision to take charge of my health, and use the Nutribullet each work day. So 5 out of 7 days a week.  I went through many permutations, combinations, ratios, added powders, supplements, seeds, vegetables and fruit.

The final combination of ingredients I use day in day out are as follows:

  1. 1 salad spinner of baby spinach leaves
  2. 2 carrots
  3. 4 sticks of celery (or about 1/3 of a medium/large bunch)
  4. 1 cucumber
  5. juice from 1.5 lemons
  6. Water

The density of the baby spinach leaves can vary so the amount used does vary.  I usually tend to be on the more dense side. Cucumbers are optional and only when they are $1 or less.

The reason why I chose this combination and amounts is mainly due to cost, taste, texture and longevity of ingredients.

Baby spinach leaves – At Costco for usually $9.99 per kg box.  It has occasionally been $8.99 to up to $11.99 per box depending on season, but $9.99 a box seems to be the norm.

Carrots last forever…. well, not forever, but a couple weeks easily in most cases. They are also dirt cheap ranging between $79c to $99c usually at Aldi.

Celery – When stored properly and happens to be fresh or a good batch, can last for a week and still be crispy.  Aldi sells  medium-large celery for $2.79 usually down to $2.17 on special.  The grocer at Churchill Centre has them for usually $2.99 for a large bunch but $3.99 out of season.  They don’t have a plastic covering like Aldi does which I think may explain why I don’t think they last as long.

Cucumbers – Aldi has them for 99c often, but occassionally 9c and most recently 49c per cucumber.  I usually get 4 at a time and my daughter loves eating them also so they usually get used up before they go bad.

Lemons – Usually get them from a friend who has a lemon tree. In the shops they aren’t cheap.  This is the aspect which makes the concoction more “tennable” on the tastebuds.  Fruit is the other option, but I prefer to be sugar free, even from natural sugar, as much as possible.  Berries have been used as they have the least amount of sugar for fruit and are high in antioxidants.  However, they are not cheap so not an economical long term staple of my Nutribullet “Blast”.

Here is a photo of what the input ingredients look like.  A little more celery and carrots today as I was finishing off the last bits.  And no lemon today, so lime it is.


And here is what it looks like after the Nutribullet.


Yep, not great to look at, though usually ok to drink.  With the additional celery and one more carrot today it is pretty bad fibery texture throughout, and only 1 lime juice instead of 1.5 lemon juices means that there isn’t much relief on the tastebuds.

Workmates have said it looks like I’m drinking “grass”, which is a fair call.  Other comments have been “how can you drink that?”  And “that looks disgusting”. All of which are fair comments.

How I can drink this is a mindset change.  I made a decision to take charge of my health and do the things I thought necessary to improving my percentages of living a healthier and longer life.

During weekdays, Monday to Friday at work, I see food, morning and afternoon, as “fuel”, not a source of “pleasure”.  On the weekends I relax and eat “normal” food with the family, but on my own this is what I choose to “eat”.

At dinner times, I just eat what my wife cooks, which is usually reasonably healthy with lots of veggies, and low to no refined carbohydrates (rice, pasta, noodle), and some protein (animal mince, tofu) etc.

Another reason is how my body reacts when I stop taking my concoction after 2 days and go back to a “normal” diet.  I feel lethargic, less mentally alert, and with less energy I don’t feel as “happy” and I am not the “best” version of myself that I know I could be while I am doing the Nutribullet.

Now all of these “benefits” may not actually be directly contributed to my Nutribullet concoction, but the circumstances that came around in conjunction with my other behaviours and habits.  However, getting more veggies in your diet, reducing your caloric intake, not eating the “normal” diet I would otherwise be doing, and positive behaviour changes all contribute to healthy weight loss and better health.

Intermittent Fasting and a Ketogenic diet are concepts that I am looking closer into as I look to step up my health this year, and a lot of the benefits I have felt can be explained by them.  Will write more about them in a future post.


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