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Day 8 and another 2am entry. This time, I’ll see if I can keep this post down to about 30 mins of sitting time.

Today I wanted to share my thoughts about probably the single biggest influence in shaping the way I view the world and my attitude towards life.  Podcasts.  Before a couple of years ago, all I knew about them was them being an app I saw on my iPhone throughout the years which I never used.  Now they are the number one method of “consuming” new ideas, concepts and reinforcing existing ones.  They feed the mind the same way books do, but in a way that is almost effortless.

As I spent a good hour and a half in my car each day, minimum, driving to and from work and home, I have a LOT of time that I have available to listen to something.  Before it was the radio.  Then it was my personal music collection.  Now it is podcasts and the occasional Audio book.

Audible is the app I use to listen to books and there are promotions on Groupon occasionally which give you heavily discounted subscriptions. which give free books which you can keep permanently associated with the account that you use.  Alternatively, you can just try it out with the first month trial free.  But be sure to unsubscribe before the month ends so you don’t get slugged with the renewal subscription fee.

Back to podcasts.  My first taste of podcasts was from a post on about the “5am Miracle”. There was a  guy who did a video blog about getting up at 5am each day and showing how he went to the gym, and no one was there, and went cycling and no one was around on the streets, and basically how it changed his whole life as he had all of this free time he had that he didn’t have before to do the things he said he always wanted to do but never had time for.  This piqued my interest and resonated with me as a personal challenge to change my lifestyle to one of an early riser and see how it would change my life,

I went to my podcast app and searched for “5am Miracle” and got Jeff Sanders.  Then began the binge listening of all his 100+ episodes he had thus far. For the majority of the time listening to his episodes I did enjoy listening to them.  At the beginning he was working out what he wanted his podcast to be about for a fair few episodes, until finally settling on productivity.

Productivity encompasses a range of topics, such as health, tools, techniques, systems, energy, efficiencies, etc etc. It is very “holistic” as it is a range of habits and daily choices as a whole which impact how productive one is.  Especially important for the entrepeneur or those who are master of their own time schedule where you don’t answer to anyone other than yourself.

There is an emphasis on taking charge of your time, settling goals and achieving them. “Getting Things Done” and other task orientated systems and apps are mentioned where entire businesses are formed around and millions would use each day.  Though this was interesting, it never really rang strongly with me.  Towards the later episodes he started to get sponsors such as “Freshbooks” and “Jarbra” and it really started to annoy me.  I do understand however that he needs to make a living from what he is doing, but it still did really annoy me and put me off listening to more of his work after I got caught up.

I then started looking for other productivity podcasts, and came across “Optimal Living Daily” which had “Justin Molic” reading post entries from online bloggers over the Internet with the author’s permission.  The emphasis was on “optimising” your life.  Mr Money Moustache was a favourite for finances.  And “The Minimalists” was a regular for living a more deliberate life and removing the distractions and excess from it to focus on what you really valued.

This then lead me down listening to “The Minimalists” podcasts which I have written about before in this post.  These guys have been the single biggest influence in the way I view the world and my life.  Minimalism is a philosophy of a way of living, and a tool that can be used to provide focus on how to live a deliberate life with purpose.  Too often we do the “easy” thing and live a life based upon other people’s expectations.  Society, family and the media play a very large part in influencing our decision making to a point where we become a “passenger in our own life”. We drift from day to day.  Consuming the latest gadget, getting that consumer buzz of the purchase of the latest toy, only to have it lose its shine shortly after we get it. And getting “comfortable” with life, working a 6/10 job that never really excites us but doesn’t add towards us living a life that is true to our values.  It pay the bills but leaves us with this low grade discontentment that builds over the years that leave us unhappy and unfulfilled with our lives.

A lot of people say they know what their values are.  However, if you look at their actions, their actions do not align with their supposed values.  If you say health is a value but eat junk food all the time and do not exercise, is it really a “value” or “priority” in your life?  Or is family a priority when you do not spend any regular quality time with them or really listen to their needs?

Back on topic, podcasts.  There are other podcasts I now follow.  But the top ones that have my current interest are:

  1. The Minimalists
  2. The Minimalists Private Podcasts
  3. The Ground up Show

The other podcasts that are on my lists that I occasionally listen to when I am up to date with the primary podcasts are:

  1. The Robcast (Non mainstream Christian podcast from the U.S.)
  2. The Rich Roll Podcast (Vegan Ultra endurance athelete)
  3. Choose FI (Financial independence podcasts)
  4. Radical Personal Finance (Financial independence podcasts)
  5. The Tim Ferriss Show (author of the “4 hour work week”.  Drinks alcohol and interviews different interesting people.)

All of the above podcasts are U.S. based and especially the finance stuff do not have full applicability to Australians because of tax laws, but the core financial concepts are still applicable.

Ok 2:54am, so missed the 30 min mark.  I’ll leave it here. Signing off.

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