The new era of vacuuming… if you can afford it.

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Vacuum cleaners were a pain while I was growing up. Changing the bag, emptying the bagless, dragging around a barrel vacuum, or pushing around a stand up vacuum.  Then there was the suction which kept decreasing as the bag filled.

Then came Dyson with high quality vacuum cleaners with design that kept on sucking at high power.  Then stick vacuums became more powerful, and gave you the freedom of cordless cleaning at plug in powered vacuums.

However, there was one drawback. The battery.  Life of cordless stick vacuums were quite poor, so cleaning an entire house with just a stick vacuum was not doable.

Until now.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute +

60 minute run time (up from 40 minutes from the previous model, and that was up from 20-30 mins from the previous models).

They have also done a redesign of the motor as well.

Only problem is the price… a RRP of $999 AUD!

Currently, Myer are having a 20% off deal including this Dyson so $800 AUD delivered.

Go through Cashrewards for another 1% cashback.

So, we have entered a new age of vacuuming. No longer tethered by wires to the power point. You can dispose of your wired vacuums, and cheap stick vacuums, for this multi head complete package. IF you can afford to shell out the $$$.

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