Exercise – Don’t do it for weight loss

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The information in this video below corresponds to other information I’ve consumed recently about weight loss.
That is, exercise won’t make a huge difference to you losing weight.

In the audio book i’ve listened to, “The Obesity Code” by Jason Fung, that it only makes up a very small % of our total daily metabolic energy expenditure.

In this post by him, the average person uses 4% of their total energy they use each day in exercise. Maybe 8% at most.

Why Exercise is Not Effective for Weight Loss – Exercise Part II

However, saying that, what it is effective for is building muscle when you do resistance training, reducing cortisol levels caused by stress (the high add to you putting on weight), improve your concentration, counteracts the effects of depression and anxiety and a bucket load of other health benefits. But just don’t expect the numbers on the scales to change dramatically after doing hours of exercises consistently.

For me, sleep improves, mood improves, and I put on muscle mass, strength and endurance which then helps in the self confidence and knowing I can control my body better.

As mentioned before, weight gain and obesity is a hormonal problem based around “Insulin Resistance” as explained in The Obesity Code, and it is the one thing that explains the entire picture of weight gain and why ALL diets work in the short term (6 months) but in the long term everyone puts the weight back on. If you haven’t read/heard it yet, you can listen to it on YouTube right now. Last video link to my previous post:


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