“Healthy Habits” – Summary

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These are what I have viewed as the 10 “Healthy Habits” that I try, or do, integrate in my lifestyle daily when possible.

I’ve written about them in the last 10 days and decided to summarise them here with links off to the respective posts:

Day 1 – “Healthy Habits” – Waking up early

Day 2 – “Healthy Habits” – Drinking water

Day 3 – “Healthy Habits” – Meditation

Day 4 – “Healthy Habits” – Exercise

Day 5 – “Healthy Habits” – Diet

Day 6 – “Healthy Habits” – Supplements

Day 7 – “Healthy Habits” – Sleep

Day 8 – “Healthy Habits” – Podcasts

Day 9 – “Healthy Habits” – Standing Desk

Day 10 – “Healthy Habits” – Intermittent Fasting

One key aspect here that I am now investigating the “eating lifestyle”.  This involves both “diet” (what you eat), and Intermittent Fasting (when you eat).

From what I have been able to research thus far, by changing when you eat, you can eat the same amount, but be able to burn into your fat stores and become leaner.

Also diet and supplement composition targetted at the improvement of cholesterol levels. Omega-3 and the like.

And finally, general dietary intake.  What is the optimal amount of:

  1. Protein should you eat if you want to gain muscle mass without compromising other bodily functions
  2. Fibre
  3. Carbodydrates
  4. Fats – good, bad, and the ugly
  5. Vitamins and minerals
  6. Animal products vs Plant based products
  7. etc.

And then where to get them and the most suitable, and economical form.

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