Hormonal Obesity Theory

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I recently did a post with a list of videos that I had or was watching presented by Jason Fung, M.D. who is kidney specialist in Canada dealing with obese diabetic patients.  I have completed watching the 6 part lecture series down the end of the post and this final slide from the presentation which I found online here summaries how increased insulin levels is basically the root cause of obesity and a whole bunch of other “Diseases of Civilisation” which basically didn’t exist in more primitive cultures before Western influence.

I found the 6 part series absolutely fascinating, especially the 6th video which basically puts together all of the practical things we should avoid and not avoid eating in our daily lives and the scientific trials that support it.

What really struck me and what I related to was the “blame the victim” mentality that Jason points out by the medical arena and society, and the “eat less, move more” recommendation which is ineffective and wrong advice for weight control when really “Insulin Resistance” was the real underlying problem.

There is a LOT of things that I’ve learnt through the lecture he gave and other videos of his I’ve watched as well, and will do future posts which will be based upon key concepts and terminology he brought up that are key to understanding weight gain and what the body is actually doing, and the things to do, not do, avoid, reduce, and increase in your life and why.

It all comes back to “Increased Insulin levels” being the root cause of all of the obesity issues.  It is a “hormonal” issue, not a “caloric” issue.

If you want to get up to date with what I’ve see, just watch the videos in the Jason Fung post linked above.

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