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iphone X 256GB $1279.20




I found it quite interesting monitoring the prices of the iPhone 8/8+ since they were announced.  I don’t recall in previous years that it was this easy to to buy the newest iPhone not from Apple themselves, but on the “grey import” market at a heavily discounted price.

Right now, Shopmonk.com.au, and the Ebay Dicksmith store are the places which have the cheapest iPhones just looking at ozbargain posts.

Shopmonk: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/330420

Dicksmiths: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/330411

I went onto the Ebay store site, and the 20% off “PHONE8” code finishes tomorrow 21/9/17.  I got the other prices of other iPhones I would consider, with 64GB as a minimum but would avoid if at all possible favouring the highest capacity models (256GB) as I take a lot of video.

I found it interesting that the iPhone SE with 128GB with the same A9 processor chip as the iPhone 6s/6s Plus was $200 cheaper than the 6s Plus 64GB.  Like the iPhone 5 screen but with the same grunt.  Bit of a contradiction.  Lots of storage, but a small screen to view photos/video on which detracts from the experience.  But overall, a very “cheap” way of getting a “good” performing phone that will be “future proof” wrt storage.  I don’t know however whether the battery will be any good after 2 years like my old iPhone 5.

That is where the allure of “plus” sized phones with larger batteries comes into play.  The battery lasts longer, and its deterioration over the years means it “should” still be useful to last a working day when others just die half way through the day because it started with great capacity.

From the above the iPhone 8 256GB at $999.20 would probably be the pick right now.  Latest tech, 256GB storage (big positive), midsized battery (minor minus), mid sized screen (big enough for some people), smaller form factor (big plus for ergonomics). The 64GB models I would get annoyed with almost immediately as I transfer videos/photos over and hit the capacity immediately, then have to spend time excluding stuff.  The iPhone X 256GB is just ridiculously priced right now at $1829.  I think Apple may have gone overboard with pricing, though Apple fanboys will still mindlessly follow their consumerist inclination to buy the latest gadget.

For me, my iPhone 6 Plus 128GB is still going pretty strong, with a lovely large screen, good enough performance, and I’m pretty sure will be able to use the latest iOS 11 about to be released, making the “feel” of the phone just like a “new phone”.  Though yes, it would be nice to have a better selfie camera and 25GB of storage would help avoid me having to keep deleting videos….. First world problems… 🙂

If you happen to want to buy a new iPhone from Ebay, don’t forget Cashrewards at 1.25% cashback which for a $1000 purchase is $12.50 just just a few clicks!

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