Intermittent Fasting, weight loss, type 2 diabetes and “The Obesity Code” – Jason Fung, MD

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I came across the youtube videos on my “suggested videos” that I might like based on my previous searches.

Jason Fung, MD is a kidney disease specialist who treats a lot of overweight/obese diabetic patients. One of the treatments which has know to reverse type 2 diabetes is weight loss, and one of the ways of losing weight is Intermittent Fasting.

Here is  a nice little intro video about Intermittent Fasting he made that is only 5 minutes long that will give you a small foundation of information:

Another short clip about maximising Fat Burning:

And one about reversing type 2 diabetes through diet lifestyle change:

Here, he is a guest on the “High Intensity Health” podcast and what I really like about this particular video is he basically talks like a conversation and answers a lot of questions I’ve had in my head about Intermittent Fasting and what goes on when you eat and fast and the benefits of Intermittent Fasting.

I later found out he is also the author of the book “The Obesity Code” which I am currently listening on Audible right now, and also watching a series of 6 videos of lectures he gives which go through a lot of what I’ve heard so far in the Obesity code.

In this following video he is also answering more questions on Intermittent Fasting as a guest to another fitness podcast.  He raises new interesting things which is also why I’m recommending also listening to this video as well. Be sure to skip the first few minutes of ads and the ads in the middle.


The following video he is doing a presentation on Insulin Resistance which he says is the root cause of obesity and he shows the science to back it up.


And here is the 6 lecture videos I’ve started watching and have been absolutely intrigued by.  If you ever wanted to learn more about obesity, gaining weight, weight loss, food, and health, which caloric restriction doesn’t work, why exercise doesn’t work to lose weight, and what is so good about fasting, I would highly recommend you spend the time to watch these videos. Full of scientific research and references to human studies and trials.

NOTE: These videos are 1h+ in length EACH, so you need to spend some time watching them, however, I was fascinated for every minute, so it wasn’t like a lecture like when I took lectures in University.




He also has a podcast which I just found and will be listening to that one as well.  Here is a link to an article on that as well as his blog:

One Podcast to Rule Them All


And finally, somehow youtube hasn’t taken it down yet, but there is the entire 10 hours of audio of “The Obesity Code” audiobook on youtube you can listen to for free:

Test Course Post


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