Are you pre-pre-diabetic?

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I heard about this interview from a “2 keto dudes” podcast I was listening to recently with Ivor Cummins.

There is this guy, Dr Kraft who came up with a “Kraft Insulin Assay Test” which is a 5 hour test showing people’s insulin response after drinking in 5 different patterns.  There is a “short cut” 2 hour test where if your insulin level was below 30 you were highly likely to be ok, and if it was above 40 you were highly likely to be in trouble, with 30-40 being a grey area.

Pattern 1 was “healthy” and not in danger of becoming diabetic.

Pattern 2, 3 and 4 were unhealthy, and were in progressive stages of becoming or just about to be, or in a diabetic state.

Pattern 5 was the response from diabetic type 1 and people who were on low carb diets (discussed on the podcast episode).

The reason why this is such a big thing is the fact that:

  1. People can have a good blood glucose test but fail the Kraft Insulin Assay Test
  2. People can pass the glucose tolerance test but fail the Kraft Insulin Assay Test
  3. The Kraft Insulin Assay test can show people who are on the way of becoming a diabetic 20 years before they are diagnosed as diabetic by the medical community, but the damage of having the high insulin for all those years has already occurred.
  4. The belief in the medical community about the problem of diabetes is of uncontrolled blood glucose, and not one of insulin resistance.  So a symptom rather than the cause.  This test can pick the problem up in the early stages while all current standard tests today do not.
  5. Fasting blood insulin levels is not a standard blood test that is ordered by your doctor, so you can have good blood glucose levels but your fasting insulin levels and your Kraft Insulin Assay test response levels could be high and you are on your way to being a diabetic with damage being cause to your arteries for decades before your blood glucose results showing anything abnormal.

From his 14,384 people who he did the Kraft Insulin test on, only 2,500 of them were displaying pattern 1. Which implies that only 2500/14384 = 17.4% were “normal” and not in a “pre-diabetic or diabetic” state caused by varying degrees of hyperinsulinemia.  So basically there were 82.6% of the population had insulin resistance issues.

So, if you happen to be going to the doctor some time in the not too distant future, you may want to ask for your fasting insulin level to be taken as well, not just your standard blood glucose level.  This could be the first step to identifying whether you have an insulin resistance issue and how bad it is.

Also note, in the podcast, they also did mention that people with high fasting insulin levels could be fine and pass the Kraft Insulin Assay test, and people with low fasting insulin levels could be in trouble and fail the Kraft Insulin Assay test, so take a high fasting insulin result as no guarantee of either in trouble or clear, but a high fasting blood insulin level should still be a large concern.





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