LP (a) – Lipoprotein little ‘a’

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Main takeaways:

High LP(a) with low Lp PLA2 (low symptoms of oxidative damage)= 1.12 hazard ratio

High LP(a) with high Lp PLA2 (high symptoms of oxidative damage)= 3.5 hazard ratio

So High LP(a) in itself, in isolation, does not considerably increase your risk of death if your oxidative damage is low or none.

Other points basically point towards looking at the presence of LP(a) in context of the rest of the state of the body, and the research and knowledge about LP(a) is very poor at this point in time.

As a carb burner, inflammation levels for a lot of people can be high.  Changing to a ketogenic diet is also know as an “anti-inflammatory” diet which reduces your probability of having oxidative damage vs using carbs as your fuel source.

From other videos, it appears that switching to a plant based diet may reduce your level of LP(a), implying animal based foods increase your levels of LP(a), however, going plant based would quite often mean your are now carb based (though fat based plant diet is possible but much harder to do).

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