Cheap, but Quality, Mattresses delivered in a box

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Looks like a great deal for those looking for a cheap but quality mattress delivered free to your home.  Regional areas miss out though.

The single bed mattresses delivered for $135.20 looks like a great buy, especially if you need backup mattresses for guests visiting.

Buying bigger queen/king/double mattresses are harder to store and doesn’t allow much flexibility for separate sleeping.

We got a Koala Mattress delivered in a box.  It was fine though I think i’m pretty easy with respect to mattresses.  We recently got a new “high end” memory foam mattress replacement for our old 7 year inner spring firm mattress which had impressions into it, and even on “special” were very expensive.  There is always a thought when you buy a cheaper mattress on how it would compare against higher end mattresses.  To be honest, I can’t really feel that much of a difference. My sleep quality is affected more by other factors: exercise, diet, stress, clear mind, temperature of the room, etc, rather than the mattress I’m sleeping on.  Sure, if there is a huge dip or bulge in the mattress than that is another story, but I think as long as it is above a certain “quality” level, I’d probably sleep mostly the same on all of them.

Looking at

The reviews look excellent.

Whether these mattresses compare with mattresses which are in the $1000+ price range is hard to determine, though we all that the price markups for retail stores is very significant because they need to support staff wages, rental, utilities and general running costs and business owner profits.

$135 vs $1000+ I think the cost savings is worth the gamble especially since the reviews are so good.

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