Megan Ramos – Introducing Fasting and the IDM program

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Megan Ramos is the director of the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) Program which so co-runs with Jason Fung in Toronto, Canada. In this presentation she did at Ketofest in 2017 she goes through her story of health, obesity, and being the first patient of the IDM program, and the Fasting protocols and recommendations that the IDM program recommends to their patients when they come to them.

Aimed originally at type 2 diabetic obese patients to help reverse their diabetes, there are multiple health, financial and lifestyle benefits other than weight loss associated with Fasting which she goes through.

For me personally, doing intermittent fasting of a 20/4 setup 5 times a week during work days and following a ketogenic lifestyle has given me a lot of control and freedom about my eating, hunger, and self discipline.  Feel better, lose and control weight, and understand what is happening with my body.  Also has lead to me investigating all aspects of nutrition and health optimisation.

For people, especially women, who are interested in:

  1. Losing some extra weight
  2. Reversing type 2 diabetes
  3. Have more energy
  4. Curing PCOS
  5. Controlling hunger and cravings
  6. and just be in better overall health

this video is a very good introduction to the entire concept of Fasting and what Megan and Jason have done in their clinic since 2014 and the successes.

For those looking to find out more about Fasting and the Ketogenic diet, I would highly suggest listening to “The Obesity Code” podcast episodes as a nice friendly and soft introduction to the entire scope with many case studies, scientific information, questions and answers.

Even if you don’t have a weight issue, you still could be developing insulin resistance and have a fatty liver, or be a type 2 diabetic but don’t even know. If you are constantly eating at all times of the day, either out of hunger or habit, this is another reason why you should have a listen and find out more about a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

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