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Updated 10/5/18:


So free for the first 6 months, then $10 a month, for 1GB a day at 4G speeds, speeds shaped down after that.

I’m speechless at how good this is.  Doesn’t include voice, so only a broadband replacement option, and not really a mobile phone replacement option.



Updated 1/2/18:

This is the largest data for the least cost i’ve ever seen to use in a month.

32GB Kogan mobile $7.90



Updated 18/12/18

To go along with the 15% off egiftcards on ebay for Kogan, you can use them to pay for the 40% off 23GB per month 12 month prepaid sim.

It works out to be $22.19 a month ($270 total) instead of $25.90 a month ($315 total).


Get another $10 credit when you sign up with Kogan using my referral link.

Original post 10/12/17

And so the large cellular data era with cheaper costs continue.

Below are a few ways I would consider getting myself into an NBN free situation for my internet needs, while also providing additional mobile data for myself at the same time in some cases. The Telstra deal in particular is very good.  20GB for $30 a month equivalent.  The speeds of Telstra in some areas, like my work, versus other carriers is no comparison.  All depends on whether Telstra has a tower in your area and how far away you are to it.  In any situation before you decide to lock yourself in for 12 to 24 months and ditch NBN, please grab a cheap prepaid just to test the internet speeds for that network provider in the area you are mostly going to use it, i.e. home.


Virgin Mobile 15 GB of Data for $32 Per Month + 2 Months Free on 12 Months SIM Only Plan (~$26.6Per Month) + $45 cash rewards for new customers.



Samsung Galaxy S8 (and others) Telstra 15GB per month for $59 (+5GB if you ask via chat while signing up)

Sell your S8 for $700 and the monthly payments end up being $30 a month for 15(+5 = 20) GB of data on Telstra for 24 month contract.



Vodafone 30GB $50 a month for 12 month contract



Vodafone $25 for 20GB for 180 days



Vodafone pocket wifi $29 (inc 5GB)


Original post 30/11/17

With the imminent arrival of the NBN in my area next year I have been told that it is legislation that all other internet services are eventually disconnected once the NBN arrives.

Looking at NBN plans on whistleout.com


there are lots of plans with upfront costs or lock you into contracts for 12-24 months.

With the horror stories that has been in the news about slow speeds it seems like it may be a fairly high risk that something will be going wrong with the NBN change.

I am currently on Cable internet and getting 30mb/sec download speeds and quite happy with it. Paying $70 a month isn’t cheap but so much better than ASDL2+ was in my area before then which only got to 250kB/s download speeds.

So with $70 a month allocated to internet, what else could I spend that on instead of NBN that could satisfy our family’s internet requirement instead of signing up for NBN?

Mobile Broadband!

In the past year or so, cellular data/mobile broadband prices have significantly come down and there are more and more deals providing more data.

The current offer Vodafone is providing is an exceptional one: 20GB for $25 and last 180 days, and there is a post on Ozbargain which shows a $10 cashback via going through CashRewards, so the out of pocket expense is only $10!


Another offer that is currently going around is the Telstra 10GB for $10 at Coles, however, the expiry period is only 7 days.

This is good for those overseas travellers who are only here for a week or 2 but not great for those looking for a long expiry casual browsing data.  Alternatively, you could use this Telstra offer to just download all the stuff you want in a 7 day period and use up the 10GB and watch it later?

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