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I was watching another Jason Fung video: “The Calorie Deception”

In it, he continues to go into obesity being a “hormonal” issue rather than a “caloric” issue which I’ve talked about before.

And he references a chart which I found interesting, so did some Googling to find the original website:

the 100 most ketogenic diet foods

Towards the end of the page, there are links off to other post which show different foods for ketogenic diets and their relationship to insulin load, carbohydrates, and other things.

It gives a great starting point for those wishing to know what types of food to focus on for a ketogenic diet.


A follow on video on one of the posts was this one:

“By managing your insulin load you stabilise your blood glucose levels”

I can related to this guy in respect to being an Engineer.  Looking at the numbers and trying to optimise you health. He and his wife are diabetics and have a personal interest in being able to managing their blood glucose levels.

A great watch and he is Australian too!

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