Potassium – Where to get it from

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I came actress Thomas DeLauer on YouTube as I was looking at videos about Intermittent Fasting and originally thought he maybe a bit of a “meat head” but was pleasantly surprised with the material he produced and the science he studies he uses to back it up by. He is also absolutely ripped and has apparently a team of people behind him which would explain all the science.

So assuming everything he says is true, he has become quite an interesting source of tips and tricks to further optimise fat loss and optimal health with what and when to eat/do things and the science behind them.

This Particular video was something that I wanted to post because it was about the second most mineral i’ve Heard a lot about your body needing for electrolyte balancing which is even more important when you are doing  intermittent Fasting, Potassium.

And in this video he recommends, amongst other things. avocados, spinach, and mushrooms for potassium sources which I either always or often buy.  He suggests sautéing spinach leaves with coconut oil (source of omega 3) and mushrooms which is something I can see myself doing easily.




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