Spotify Premium – 3 months for 99c

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Updated 16/5/18:

It is back again. 3 months of Spotify Premium for 99c for accounts that haven’t tried it before. Be sure to use a different credit card or sign up for a new PayPal account for payment.


Updated 3/2/18

Spotify Premium free for 2 months for those who haven’t tried it before. Alternatively, set up a new email address and use a different credit/debit card for registered payment and then cancel subscription.



It’s that time again. Spotify Premium for those who haven’t tried it before, for 99c!

After you sign up, be sure to go into your “Profile” and “Cancel Subscription” of your “Premium” subscription.  You will still be on the “Premium” subscription until the 3 month period ends, but do not then have to worry about it being renewed and $11.99 taken from your account.

NOTE: From what I can gather, Spotify keeps track of past payments.  So if you pay with the same Credit/Debit Card or Paypal account, you will be declined payment even if it is a different email address.

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