Bloodwork comparison – 2 twins – one keto, one not

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Thought this was a very interesting video about the blood work of 2 teenage identical twins.  1 strict keto for a year, and the other one half keto half non-keto.

The summary was:

  1. Fasting Glucose almost identical
  2. HbA1C almost identical
  3. Fasting Insulin: keto 4.5, non-keto 13.4

There hasn’t been much data in the area of low carb/keto and kids, especially with identical twins.

The assumption is that when you are younger, you are much more metabolically flexible and can handle the carbs/protein and fat, and judging from the glucose and HbA1c level this seems to be the case for the non-keto vs keto girl.

But having an insulin level that high (13.4) for many years then leads people on the path down to type 2 diabetes.  Refer to my other post about Fasting insulin levels.  As discovered from Dr Kraft, high insulin levels is a warning signal for the development of type 2 diabetes. Once you register high fasting blood glucose levels, you’ve already had years of high insulin levels where your pancreas has been pumping out more and more insulin to keep your blood glucose under control.


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