Xiaomi Mi 2 Power Bank

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Updated 12/3/18:


$21.25 delivered for the Xiaomi Power Bank 2 10,000mah

I was able to get my hands on the Xiaomi Power Banks recently and compared the 10,000mah to the 20,000mah power banks and found that the 20,000mah was significantly physically larger than the 10,000mah.

So much larger to a point where I felt it was TOO big to comfortably carry around in your pocket or a jacket pocket or even a backpack.  Then I thought what was the most probable case of use, and decided that I didn’t REALLY need 20,000mah of stored power, consider I had a 12,000mah power bank and have never felt as though I “ran out of battery” or “I wish it was larger”.  I would rather carry around 2 x 10,000mah battery packs than 1x 20,000mah battery backs.

The only issue about having a smaller capacity battery pack is that as batteries age, they lose the ability to hold their maximum capacity or close to it, for a long period of time.  So a 10,000mah will act like a 8,000mah or something like that in a couple years time, and continual to decrease as it ages. I had a 5000mah battery pack, which lasted a couple of years until it got to a stage where it couldn’t even power 1 cycle of an iphone 5 from empty. So that became landfill.

Hopefully this 10,000mah will last me a good 5 years or more, and by then there will be a newer, smaller, high capacity version that will come out which will be cheaper, but in the mean time, I won’t be carrying around a large and heavy brick when my phone needs a little juice,


Updated 20/12/17


20,000mah 2C Quick Charge version – $31.94


Updated post: 13/11/17


USB-C power delivery 20,000mAh option – $52.17

Original post 24/10/17

Original Ozbargain search link: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/Xiaomi%20Mi%20power%20bank%2020%2C000mAh?s=t

When travelling a power bank is a very important piece of equipment to keep your mobile phones and tablets juiced up.

The Xiaomi Mi 2 Power bank seems to be the favourite amongst Ozbargainers, and the 20,000mAh version would be my pick.

10,000 mAh is probably enough for most people, however, with my experience with previous power banks, they lose their capacity over time, and “leak” capacity quicker as they get older.  So if you get a higher capacity one, it will last you much longer than a lower capacity one.

I have had 5000mAh power banks, lasted a year and a half, and then useless, while my 13,500 mAh still gets me a couple of recharges, while before it would get me up to 4+ charges of my old mobile phone.

t present, it seems that about $32/$33 AUD is a “good” delivered price on it, with an anomaly on 16/7/17 where it was a really good deal at $27.15 AUD delivered.

NOTE: when paying in USD at sites such as Gearbest and BangGood you will be slugged a 3.4% international transaction fee if you use a credit card.  Get the Citibank Plus Debit card to avoid this transaction fee.

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